Amazon Compatible Emojis

Emojis for Amazon Sellers. Click an emoji to copy it then paste in your listing titles, features, description or follow up emails!


Most copied

white heavy check markheavy check markwhite medium starballot box with checkwhite right pointing backhand indexwrapped presentthumbs up signblack heart suitfireseedlingsmiling face with heart-shaped eyeshundred points symbolflexed bicepsheavy black heartblack universal recycling symbolcollision symbolsun with facesmiling face with sunglasseselectric light bulbperson with folded hands

People & Faces Emoji

Various face & people related emoji

white right pointing backhand indexthumbs up signsmiling face with heart-shaped eyesflexed bicepssmiling face with sunglassesperson with folded handsok hand signsmiling face with smiling eyesfather christmasbabyface screaming in feargrinning facewhite left pointing backhand indexkiss markwhite down pointing backhand indexwhite smiling facewinking faceslightly smiling facevictory handsleeping symbolface savouring delicious foodeyesman and woman holding handsfamilycrownbriefcasewhite up pointing indextonguedancerperson raising both hands in celebrationghostfootprintsraised hand with fingers splayedwriting handdressgirleyeboyclapping hands signface with tears of joysmiling cat face with open mouthsmiling cat face with heart-shaped eyesringrelieved facewaving hand signsmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyeswomanrunnersleuth or spygrinning cat face with smiling eyesschool satchelface with medical masksleeping facereversed hand with middle finger extendedinformation desk personwhite up pointing backhand indext-shirtface with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyeshandbaglipstickwomans sandalathletic shoesmiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyesnail polishtwo women holding handsface massagehigh-heeled shoegrimacing facesmiling face with haloface with stuck-out tonguespeaking head in silhouettenecktieastonished facewoman with bunny earswomans bootsfisted hand signprincesscrying facethumbs down signhappy person raising one handbikinigraduation cappouchhelmet with white crossface throwing a kissperson with blond hairpile of pookisssmiling face with open mouthbaby angelperson bowing deeplydark sunglassescat face with wry smileraised handcouple with heartjeanstop hatskullopen hands signface with no good gestureeyeglassesface with stuck-out tongue and winking eyesmirking facemouthpedestrianwomans clothesmans shoegrinning face with smiling eyesdizzy facewhite frowning faceface with cold sweatpursebride with veilface with ok gestureclosed umbrellaface with open mouthwomans hatdisappointed but relieved faceimpconfused faceloudly crying facecat face with tears of joyraised fistraised hand with part between middle and ring fingersmantwo men holding handsconfounded faceweary faceolder manolder womanhaircutsmiling face with open mouth and cold sweatsmiling face with hornsjapanese goblinextraterrestrial alienkissing cat face with closed eyesnoseguardsmanflushed facepersevering facebusts in silhouetteslightly frowning faceface with look of triumphearpolice officerperson with pouting facekimonokissing face with closed eyesunamused facetired facebust in silhouettedisappointed facejapanese ogrecrying cat faceconstruction workerexpressionless faceworried facefearful facehushed faceanguished facesleepy facepouting cat faceman with gua pi maoman with turbanface without mouthangry faceweary cat faceperson frowningkissing face with smiling eyespouting faceface with open mouth and cold sweatkissing faceneutral facepensive facefrowning face with open mouth

Animals & Nature Emoji

Various animal & nature related emoji

white medium starfireseedlingcollision symbolsun with faceherbdeciduous treesplashing sweat symboldog faceglowing starhigh voltage signdroplethibiscussparklesfour leaf cloverblack sun with raysdogtulipshamrocksnowflakeearth globe americasdizzy symbolearth globe europe-africapalm treewater waveevergreen treechristmas treetanabata treerosehoneybeesnowman without snowcometcat facepanda facesunflowerearth globe asia-australiacherry blossombouquethamster faceblossomear of ricecloudleaf fluttering in windmonkey faceturtleelephantsnowmanspouting whalecrescent moonbear facecatpaw printscloud with raindash symbolrabbit facehatching chickkoalamonkeyfishrabbitmaple leafdolphinwind blowing facefogcactuscloud with tornadooctopusbaby chickbugbirdfrog facespeak-no-evil monkeytropical fishcrocodilenew moon with facecloud with snowumbrellapenguintigermushroompoodlejack-o-lanternfull moon with facewolf facesnailcownew moon symbolumbrella with rain dropstiger facepig facefull moon symbolcow facesheepsun behind cloudfront-facing baby chicksnakehorsefirst quarter moon with facewhite sun behind cloud with rainsee-no-evil monkeythunder cloud and rainoxdragonwaxing gibbous moon symbolwhite sun with small cloudratchipmunkwhaledromedary cameldragon facefallen leafspider webmouse facehear-no-evil monkeyhorse facelady beetleblowfishroosterspiderleopardmousepine decorationwaning gibbous moon symbollast quarter moon with faceantboarbactrian camelrampigdove of peacechestnutgoatspiral shellwaxing crescent moon symbolwhite sun behind cloudcloud with lightningchickenwater buffalopig noselast quarter moon symbolfirst quarter moon symbolwaning crescent moon symbol

Food & Drink Emoji

Various food & drink related emoji

hot beveragefork and knifebottle with popping corkstrawberrywine glassfork and knife with platebaby bottlelemontangerinecherriestropical drinkbeer mugpot of foodsake bottle and cupgreen applecookiered applegrapeschocolate barteacup without handlehot pepperbirthday cakepineappletomatoslice of pizzabreadtacocooked ricespaghetticookingshortcakepeachcocktail glasswatermelonclinking beer mugshoney potpearcurry and ricebento boxcandyhamburgerdoughnutpoultry leglollipopbananasteaming bowlear of maizehot dogcheese wedgeshaved icesoft ice creammeat on boneauberginefrench friespopcornice creammelonrice crackersushifish cake with swirl designburritodangocustardrice ballfried shrimproasted sweet potatooden

Activity & Sport Emoji

Various activity & sport related emoji

trophysports medalweight lifterdirect hitrosetteartist palettebicyclistsoccer ballmilitary medalbasketball and hoopamerican footballvideo gamemusical scoreman in business suit levitatingsurfermountain bicyclistswimmerheadphonebaseballgolferperson with ballflag in holebathfishing pole and fishmicrophonereminder ribbonsnowboarderbowlingguitaralien monstertable tennis paddle and ballslot machineperforming artsrowboattennis racquet and ballmusical keyboardcricket bat and ballclapper boardskierhorse racingski and ski bootice hockey stick and puckbilliardsice skatevolleyballcircus tentrunning shirt with sashbow and arrowviolinadmission ticketsgame dierugby footballticketbadminton racquetsaxophonetrumpetfield hockey stick and ball

Travel & Places Emoji

Various travel & place related emoji

rainbowairplanerocketfireworksshooting starairplane departuredelivery truckautomobilebeach with umbrellacampingtractorracing motorcyclesmall airplanemountaintentrecreational vehiclesunrise over mountainspolice cars revolving lightdesert islandchequered flagbicyclesunriseracing carfirework sparklerstatue of libertyhouse with gardenarticulated lorryoncoming automobilehouse buildinganchorpolice carairplane arrivingminibusambulancefire enginesnow capped mountainmount fujidepartment storetaxicityscapemilky waypassenger shipvertical traffic lightnational parkmotorwayrailway trackspeedboathorizontal traffic lightshiphouse buildingsbusoncoming taxisteam locomotivesailboatroller coastermetromotorboatsatellitesilhouette of japandeserthelicopterferris wheelbuilding constructionhospitalhigh-speed trainstationferryconstruction signvolcanonight with starschurchmountain railwayseatcarousel horseeuropean castleschoollove hotelmosqueshinto shrinetram carhigh-speed train with bullet nosetokyo towerbridge at nightderelict house buildingconvenience storeoncoming police caroncoming bustrainmoon viewing ceremonysunset over buildingscityscape at duskbankhotelclassical buildingsynagoguekaabatramfuel pumpfactoryjapanese post officeweddingtrolleybusaerial tramwaymountain cablewaysuspension railwayrailway carbus stopfountainstadiumeuropean post officemonoraillight railfoggyjapanese castleoffice building

Objects & Media Emoji

Various media related emoji

wrapped presentelectric light bulbgem stoneparty popperpushpinpackageribbonstraight rulermoney bagballoonbanknote with dollar signmobile phonehammer and wrenchhammer and picktriangular flag on postmoney with wingsshieldpencilbooksstopwatchwrenchchart with upwards trendhammertriangular rulercamera with flashshowerclipboardround pushpinpersonal computerbookmarkconfetti ballelectric plughochomobile phone with rightwards arrow at leftcamerashopping bagsright-pointing magnifying glassopen bookleft-pointing magnifying glassgearlabelmemoclosed bookelectric torchcrystal balllower left paintbrushbedalarm clockenvelopescalestelephone receiverbatteryold keyenvelope with downwards arrow abovelockmovie cameralower left ballpoint penblue booklower left crayonbombpillpostboxblack scissorssleeping accommodationclosed lock with keyskull and crossbonestear-off calendarblack telephonecredit cardpistolmicroscopetoiletlove letterumbrella on groundorange booktelevisionsyringethermometerbar chartworld mapnotebook with decorative coverwatchkeyboardwastebasketchainsspiral calendar padnotebookgreen bookvideo camerahourglass with flowing sandledgercrossed swordsframe with pictureinbox traycalendarpapercliplower left fountain penprintere-mail symbolscrolllinked paperclipsblack nibfilm projectorlevel slidermantlepiece clockjapanese dollsincoming envelopespiral note padbanknote with euro signprayer beadsalembicbathtubtimer clocksatellite antennakeychart with downwards trendlink symbolcontrol knobscandleoil drumbanknote with pound signbarber poledvdhourglasscouch and lampbellhop bellclosed mailbox with raised flagcard file boxballot box with ballotlock with ink penoptical discfuneral urnizakaya lanternfile folderopen file folderwaving white flagtrackballjoystickfilm framesstudio microphoneamphorawind chimeclosed mailbox with lowered flagoutbox traybookmark tabspage facing upfile cabinetwaving black flagthree button mousepagerfax machinepickdagger knifetelescopepage with curlcompressionminidiscnut and boltsmoking symbolholemoyaiopen mailbox with raised flagcard index dividersnewspaperopen lockdoorcarp streamercrossed flagsrolled-up newspaperdesktop computerfloppy diskradiobanknote with yen signcoffinopen mailbox with lowered flagpostal horncard indexvideocassette

Symbols Emoji

Various symbol emoji

white heavy check markheavy check markballot box with checkblack heart suithundred points symbolheavy black heartblack universal recycling symboltop with upwards arrow aboveheavy exclamation mark symboltwo heartswarning signblack rightwards arrowheart with ribbongreen heartcross marksmall blue diamonddouble exclamation marksparkling heartheart decorationbeating heartblack right-pointing trianglesquared freepurple heartyellow heartblack small squaresquared newblue heartlarge red circlesmall orange diamondrevolving heartsheavy dollar signgrowing hearteight spoked asterisksquared coollarge blue diamondpublic address loudspeakerno entry signhigh brightness symbolatom symbollarge blue circlespeaker with three sound waveseight pointed black starblack question mark ornamentblack circle for recordheavy plus signup-pointing red trianglelarge orange diamondcyclonemedium black circlepeace symbolnegative squared cross markregistered signtrade mark signblack diamond suitdownwards black arrowinformation sourceheavy heart exclamation mark ornamenthot springsyin yangblack medium small squareheavy large circleheart with arrowblack right-pointing double triangleno entryjapanese symbol for beginnerlow brightness symbolcheering megaphoneblack large squareblack medium squareradioactive signsquared okmultiple musical notesright anger bubblewhite exclamation mark ornamentblack left-pointing triangleheavy minus signexclamation question markleft right arrowmusical notesparkleanticlockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowswhite floweranger symbolname badgedown-pointing small red triangleom symbolblack right-pointing double triangle with vertical barradio buttonwheel of dharmaupwards black arrowmedium white circleglobe with meridiansrestroomspeakerspeaker with cancellation strokevibration modewhite question mark ornamentwavy dashclockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowsblack spade suitbiohazard signpart alternation markno smoking symbolblack up-pointing double triangleleftwards black arrowsoon with rightwards arrow abovedown-pointing red trianglespeaker with one sound wavefleur-de-lismens symbolantenna with barsblack right-pointing double triangle with double vertical barblack down-pointing double trianglearrow pointing rightwards then curving downwardson with exclamation mark with left right arrow abobellspeech balloonclock face three oclockstar and crescentstar of davidno one under eighteen symbolwomens symbolclockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrowsnorth east arrowrightwards arrow with hookwhite small squareblack square buttonwhite square buttonblack club suitdiamond shape with a dot insidecinemasquared up with exclamation markup down arrowinput symbol for latin capital letterscopyright signwhite large squarewhite medium small squarelatin crossdouble vertical bartwisted rightwards arrowsup-pointing small red trianglethought balloonclock face two oclockclock face four oclockbroken heartnegative squared latin capital letter anegative squared latin capital letter ono mobile phonesblack square for stopsouth east arrowcurly loopheavy multiplication xback with leftwards arrow aboveplaying card black jokerclock face one oclockclock face ten oclocksix pointed star with middle dotnorth west arrowwhite medium squareclock face nine oclockmenorah with nine branchesleosquared cjk unified ideograph-7981squared sostrident emblembaggage claimwheelchair symbolwater closetbaby symbolput litter in its place symbolkeycap teninput symbol for numbersblack left-pointing double triangle with vertical barinput symbol for latin lettersflower playing cardsclock face eight oclockcircled ideograph secretautomated teller machineleft luggagenegative squared latin capital letter ppotable water symbolblack left-pointing double trianglesouth west arrowarrow pointing rightwards then curving upwardsinput symbol for symbolsend with leftwards arrow abovebell with cancellation strokeclock face five oclockplace of worshipcancerscorpiussagittariussquared idsquared cjk unified ideograph-6e80no pedestriansdo not litter symbolnon-potable water symbolchildren crossingdouble curly loopcircled latin capital letter mcustomsclockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrows with circled one overlayleftwards arrow with hookinput symbol for latin small lettersmahjong tile red dragonclock face seven oclockclock face eleven oclockclock face one-thirtyclock face five-thirtyclock face ten-thirtyclock face eleven-thirtyorthodox crossophiuchusgeminilibraaquariussquared cjk unified ideograph-7a7asquared cjk unified ideograph-6708squared vscircled ideograph acceptcircled ideograph advantagecircled ideograph congratulationnegative squared latin capital letter bsquared cjk unified ideograph-6307chart with upwards trend and yen signpassport controlheavy division signcurrency exchangeclock face six oclockclock face twelve oclockclock face two-thirtyclock face three-thirtyclock face four-thirtyclock face six-thirtyclock face seven-thirtyclock face eight-thirtyclock face nine-thirtyclock face twelve-thirtyariestaurusvirgocapricornpiscessquared cjk unified ideograph-5272mobile phone offsquared cjk unified ideograph-6709squared cjk unified ideograph-7121squared cjk unified ideograph-7533squared cjk unified ideograph-55b6squared cjk unified ideograph-5408negative squared absquared clno bicyclessquared katakana sasquared katakana kokosquared ng
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