Amazon Compatible Emojis

Emojis for Amazon Sellers. Click an emoji to copy it then paste in your listing titles, features, description or follow up emails!


Most copied

white heavy check markheavy check markwhite medium starballot box with checkwhite right pointing backhand indexblack heart suitthumbs up signwrapped presentfireheavy black heartsmiling face with heart-shaped eyescollision symbolhundred points symbolsmiling face with sunglasseselectric light bulbblack universal recycling symbolsun with faceflexed bicepsseedlingtop with upwards arrow above

People & Faces Emoji

Various face & people related emoji

white right pointing backhand indexthumbs up signsmiling face with heart-shaped eyessmiling face with sunglassesflexed bicepsok hand signperson with folded handsfather christmaswhite left pointing backhand indexgrinning facetonguebabysmiling face with smiling eyesslightly smiling faceface screaming in fearvictory handwhite smiling faceeyeskiss markfootprintswhite down pointing backhand indexfamilyman and woman holding handssleeping symbolghosteyedressboygirlcrownface with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyeswaving hand signrunnerdancerperson raising both hands in celebrationringwinking faceface with stuck-out tonguewriting handrelieved faceraised hand with fingers splayedface with tears of joyface savouring delicious foodsleeping facesmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyesperson with blond hairsleuth or spysmiling cat face with heart-shaped eyesclapping hands signwhite up pointing indexreversed hand with middle finger extendedtwo women holding handsathletic shoenail polisht-shirtbikinihandbagprincessbriefcasecrying facepile of poomouthwomanwoman with bunny earshigh-heeled shoegraduation capastonished facejeanslipsticksmiling cat face with open mouthgrinning cat face with smiling eyesinformation desk personface massagenecktiewomans bootsschool satchelsmiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyessmiling face with haloface with stuck-out tongue and winking eyecat face with wry smilespeaking head in silhouettebaby angelgrimacing facesmiling face with open mouthface throwing a kissfisted hand signmanperson bowing deeplykisstop hatdark sunglassessmirking facewhite frowning faceface with cold sweatskullraised handbride with veilopen hands signnosepolice officerwomans sandalmans shoehelmet with white crosscat face with tears of joythumbs down signwhite up pointing backhand indexhappy person raising one handpoucheyeglassesclosed umbrellaslightly frowning faceloudly crying facedizzy facesmiling face with hornskissing cat face with closed eyespedestriancouple with heartwomans clothespursegrinning face with smiling eyeskissing face with closed eyessleepy facebusts in silhouetteolder manolder womanguardsmanface with ok gesturehaircutwomans hatsmiling face with open mouth and cold sweatunamused faceconfused faceface with open mouthhushed faceface with medical maskimpraised hand with part between middle and ring fingersbust in silhouetteface with no good gesturekimononeutral faceflushed facedisappointed faceworried faceweary facefrowning face with open mouthjapanese ogrejapanese goblinconstruction workertwo men holding handsperson with pouting faceface without mouthconfounded facetired facefearful faceanguished facedisappointed but relieved faceextraterrestrial alienraised fistearman with gua pi maoman with turbanperson frowningkissing faceexpressionless faceangry facepouting faceface with look of triumphface with open mouth and cold sweatweary cat facecrying cat facepouting cat facekissing face with smiling eyespensive facepersevering face

Animals & Nature Emoji

Various animal & nature related emoji

white medium starfirecollision symbolsun with faceseedlinghigh voltage signdog facedropletglowing stardeciduous treesplashing sweat symbolhibiscusherbblack sun with raysearth globe americasdogsnowflakesparklestulipdizzy symbolshamrockwater wavepalm treeevergreen treehoneybeefour leaf cloverroseearth globe europe-africasnowman without snowchristmas treetanabata treesunflowerear of ricepanda faceearth globe asia-australiamonkey faceturtlecometbouquetcrescent moonblossomcat facecloud with snowhamster facefishspouting whalecloud with raindash symboloctopusmonkeyrabbitcherry blossomcloud with tornadokoaladolphincrocodilepaw printsmaple leafnew moon with facefogbaby chickhatching chicktropical fishpoodleleaf fluttering in windspeak-no-evil monkeyelephantfrog facewolf facetigerthunder cloud and rainsnowmanwind blowing facemouse facecow facepig facebirdoxcactuscloudbear facefront-facing baby chickbugfull moon symbolwhalemushroomnew moon symbolwhite sun with small cloudwhite sun behind cloud with rainumbrellaumbrella with rain dropssee-no-evil monkeyhear-no-evil monkeysnailantsnakehorseroosterchestnutfull moon with facefirst quarter moon with facelast quarter moon with facesun behind cloudcloud with lightningrabbit facetiger facechickencowspider webwaning gibbous moon symbolpenguinlady beetleratcatchipmunkdragondragon facejack-o-lanternwaxing gibbous moon symbolwhite sun behind cloudboarspiderblowfishwater buffalodromedary camelramsheepmousedove of peacelast quarter moon symbolhorse faceleopardbactrian camelpigpine decorationfallen leafpig nosegoatspiral shellwaning crescent moon symbolwaxing crescent moon symbolfirst quarter moon symbol

Food & Drink Emoji

Various food & drink related emoji

hot beveragesake bottle and cupbeer mugbottle with popping corkwine glassbaby bottlelemonfork and knifetropical drinkpot of foodchocolate bartangerinecherriesfork and knife with platecookiegrapesstrawberryspaghetticookingtomatohot pepperbirthday cakecooked ricered appleslice of pizzaclinking beer mugscocktail glassbreadbento boxpineappleteacup without handlepeachhoney potmeat on bonecandybananacurry and ricesteaming bowltacopoultry legcheese wedgefrench friesdoughnutshortcakegreen applepopcornauberginerice crackerpearlollipopwatermelonear of maizesoft ice creamshaved iceburritomelonhot doghamburgerfried shrimproasted sweet potatoice creamdangofish cake with swirl designcustardodensushirice ball

Activity & Sport Emoji

Various activity & sport related emoji

trophyweight liftersports medalartist paletterosettedirect hitsoccer ballbicyclistmilitary medalbasketball and hoopamerican footballman in business suit levitatingsurferswimmervideo gamebaseballgolfermicrophoneheadphonemusical scoremountain bicyclistperson with ballsnowboarderalien monsterreminder ribbonbathflag in holeperforming artsrowboatguitarfishing pole and fishmusical keyboardskierslot machinetennis racquet and balltable tennis paddle and ballviolinrunning shirt with sashbowlingclapper boardski and ski bootrugby footballgame diebow and arrowsaxophonebilliardshorse racingcircus tentadmission ticketscricket bat and ballice hockey stick and pucktrumpetvolleyballticketice skatebadminton racquetfield hockey stick and ball

Travel & Places Emoji

Various travel & place related emoji

airplanefireworksrocketshooting starrainbowtractorautomobileairplane departuretentbeach with umbrellarecreational vehiclecampingchequered flagsmall airplaneanchorstatue of libertypolice cars revolving lightmountainsunrise over mountainsoncoming automobiledesert islandfire engineminibusdelivery truckbicyclehouse with gardenhouse buildingtaxiracing carracing motorcycleairplane arrivingsunrisefirework sparklerpolice carcityscapevertical traffic lightsnow capped mountainrailway trackdepartment storearticulated lorrymetrosatelliteconstruction signroller coastervolcanosilhouette of japannational parkmotorwaydesertoncoming taxitram carhigh-speed trainsteam locomotivepassenger shiphorizontal traffic lightshipferris wheelcarousel horsemount fujisunset over buildingscityscape at duskmilky wayhospitalambulanceoncoming police carmountain railwaystationhelicoptersailboatspeedboatferryseathouse buildingseuropean castlejapanese post officesynagogueshinto shrinebusoncoming busrailway carhigh-speed train with bullet nosetrainmotorboatfuel pumpbus stopbuilding constructiontokyo towerfountainnight with starsbridge at nightstadiumderelict house buildingbankhotelconvenience storeschoollove hotelweddingclassical buildingchurchkaabatrolleybusaerial tramwaymountain cablewaysuspension railwaymonoraillight railtramfoggyfactorymoon viewing ceremonyjapanese castleoffice buildingeuropean post officemosque

Objects & Media Emoji

Various media related emoji

wrapped presentelectric light bulbpushpingem stoneparty popperribbonmoney bagballoonpackagemoney with wingsbanknote with dollar signtriangular flag on postpencilshieldstraight rulerstopwatchshowercamera with flashhammer and wrenchtriangular rulerchart with upwards trendbooksmobile phonecrystal ballbookmarkround pushpinleft-pointing magnifying glassright-pointing magnifying glassscalesconfetti ballelectric plugelectric torchlabelclipboardpersonal computerhammerbombshopping bagswrenchtoiletmemolower left paintbrushcamerabatterywastebasketgearsleeping accommodationbedtear-off calendarskull and crossbonesclosed booklower left ballpoint penhammer and pickhochocredit cardblue booklocklower left crayonmobile phone with rightwards arrow at lefttelevisionalarm clockoil drumprayer beadsmicroscopepillspiral calendar padtelephone receiverchainspistolfuneral urnenvelopepostboxblack telephonebanknote with pound signnotebookorange bookpaperclipmovie camerasatellite antennacandlebanknote with euro signalembickeyold keyframe with pictureumbrella on groundizakaya lanterncalendarblack scissorsclosed lock with keykeyboardfilm projectormantlepiece clockhourglasscrossed swordsamphorathermometerbathtublove letterbar chartgreen booknotebook with decorative coveropen bookwatchjoystickvideo cameratelescopebellhop bellcarp streamerjapanese dollsenvelope with downwards arrow aboveincoming envelopee-mail symbolinbox traynewspaperwaving black flagopen locklock with ink penblack nibfilm framesradiolevel slidertimer clocknut and boltdagger knifesmoking symbolworld mapwind chimeoutbox traycard file boxfile cabinetcard index dividersledgerlower left fountain pendesktop computerprintercompressionminidiscoptical discdvdfax machinestudio microphonehourglass with flowing sandbanknote with yen signpickcoffinbarber poledoormoyaicrossed flagsclosed mailbox with lowered flagclosed mailbox with raised flagopen mailbox with raised flagopen mailbox with lowered flagpostal hornchart with downwards trendballot box with ballotspiral note padfile folderrolled-up newspaperlink symbollinked paperclipswaving white flagthree button mousetrackballfloppy diskvideocassettepagercontrol knobsholesyringecouch and lampscrollpage with curlbookmark tabspage facing upcard indexopen file folder

Symbols Emoji

Various symbol emoji

white heavy check markheavy check markballot box with checkblack heart suitheavy black hearthundred points symbolblack universal recycling symboltop with upwards arrow abovetwo heartswarning signheavy exclamation mark symbolheart with ribbonsmall blue diamondblack rightwards arrowblack right-pointing triangleheart decorationgreen heartbeating heartcross marksparkling heartyellow heartsmall orange diamonddouble exclamation markpurple heartsquared freeregistered signlarge red circlerevolving heartsheavy plus signheavy dollar signpublic address loudspeakerlarge blue diamondgrowing hearthigh brightness symbolatom symboleight spoked asteriskblue heartpeace symbolsquared newno entry signblack small squarespeaker with three sound wavesheavy large circleblack circle for recordlarge orange diamondcycloneinformation sourceup-pointing red triangleyin yangeight pointed black starlow brightness symbolsquared coolblack right-pointing double triangleblack diamond suitradioactive signjapanese symbol for beginnerblack left-pointing trianglelarge blue circleheart with arrowblack question mark ornamentnegative squared cross markblack right-pointing double triangle with vertical barright anger bubblehot springswhite exclamation mark ornamentsquared okleft right arrowmultiple musical notestrade mark signanticlockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowsheavy minus signcheering megaphoneblack spade suitwheel of dharmaname badgeanger symbolblack large squarespeakerheavy heart exclamation mark ornamentradio buttonmedium black circleblack medium small squarespeaker with cancellation strokeblack club suitstar of davidglobe with meridiansblack right-pointing double triangle with double vertical barclockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrowsarrow pointing rightwards then curving downwardswavy dashclockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowssoon with rightwards arrow abovebellclock face three oclockclock face four oclocklatin crossbiohazard signvibration modewhite flowerno entryno mobile phonestwisted rightwards arrowsupwards black arrownorth east arrowinput symbol for latin capital lettersdown-pointing red trianglestar and crescentwhite question mark ornamentexclamation question marktrident emblemfleur-de-lispart alternation markbaby symbolrestroomdown-pointing small red triangleblack up-pointing double triangledownwards black arrowrightwards arrow with hookinput symbol for symbolscopyright signblack medium squarewhite medium squareblack square buttonwhite square buttonflower playing cardsthought balloonclock face one oclockclock face nine oclockclock face ten oclockbroken heartsix pointed star with middle dotmenorah with nine branchesleosquared cjk unified ideograph-7981negative squared latin capital letter aautomated teller machinebaggage claimwheelchair symbolpotable water symbolmens symbolwomens symbolantenna with barsup-pointing small red triangleleftwards black arrowinput symbol for latin lettersback with leftwards arrow abovemedium white circlewhite small squarewhite medium small squarespeaker with one sound waveplaying card black jokerspeech balloonclock face two oclockclock face five-thirtyom symbolgeminisquared cjk unified ideograph-6708circled ideograph acceptcircled ideograph advantagecircled ideograph secretsquared cjk unified ideograph-6e80negative squared latin capital letter bnegative squared latin capital letter osquared sosdo not litter symbolnon-potable water symbolno one under eighteen symbolchildren crossingdiamond shape with a dot insidepassport controlcustomsleft luggageno smoking symbolnegative squared latin capital letter pput litter in its place symbolcinemasquared up with exclamation markinput symbol for numbersdouble vertical barblack square for stopblack left-pointing double triangle with vertical barblack left-pointing double trianglesouth east arrowup down arrowmusical notecurly loopheavy multiplication xcurrency exchangeon with exclamation mark with left right arrow abowhite large squareclock face eight oclockclock face eleven oclockclock face twelve oclockclock face one-thirtyclock face three-thirtyclock face seven-thirtyclock face twelve-thirtyorthodox crossplace of worshipophiuchusariestauruscancervirgolibrascorpiussagittariuscapricornaquariuspiscessquared idsquared cjk unified ideograph-7a7asquared cjk unified ideograph-5272mobile phone offsquared cjk unified ideograph-6709squared cjk unified ideograph-7121squared cjk unified ideograph-7533squared cjk unified ideograph-55b6squared vscircled ideograph congratulationsquared cjk unified ideograph-5408negative squared absquared clno pedestriansno bicyclessquared cjk unified ideograph-6307chart with upwards trend and yen signsparkledouble curly loopcircled latin capital letter msquared katakana sawater closetsquared katakana kokosquared ngkeycap tenclockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrows with circled one overlayblack down-pointing double trianglesouth west arrownorth west arrowleftwards arrow with hookarrow pointing rightwards then curving upwardsinput symbol for latin small lettersheavy division signend with leftwards arrow abovebell with cancellation strokemahjong tile red dragonclock face five oclockclock face six oclockclock face seven oclockclock face two-thirtyclock face four-thirtyclock face six-thirtyclock face eight-thirtyclock face nine-thirtyclock face ten-thirtyclock face eleven-thirty
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