Amazon Compatible Emojis

Emojis for Amazon Sellers. Click an emoji to copy it then paste in your listing titles, features, description or follow up emails!

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Most copied

white heavy check markheavy check markballot box with checkwhite medium starwhite right pointing backhand indexwrapped presentthumbs up signblack heart suitfireseedlingsmiling face with heart-shaped eyeshundred points symbolflexed bicepsheavy black heartcollision symbolblack universal recycling symbolelectric light bulbsun with facesmiling face with sunglassesperson with folded hands

People & Faces Emoji

Various face & people related emoji

white right pointing backhand indexthumbs up signsmiling face with heart-shaped eyesflexed bicepssmiling face with sunglassesperson with folded handsok hand signsmiling face with smiling eyesfather christmasbabyface screaming in feargrinning facewhite down pointing backhand indexwinking facewhite left pointing backhand indexwhite smiling facekiss markvictory handslightly smiling facesleeping symboldancerperson raising both hands in celebrationface savouring delicious foodbriefcasecrownfamilyeyesman and woman holding handswriting handwhite up pointing indexdressgirlschool satchelsmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyesraised hand with fingers splayedeyeclapping hands signboysmiling cat face with open mouthsmiling cat face with heart-shaped eyesfootprintswomanrelieved faceghosttongueface with tears of joyinformation desk personringwaving hand signhandbagface with medical maskrunnersleuth or spygrinning cat face with smiling eyest-shirtsleeping facereversed hand with middle finger extendedface massagelipstickwhite up pointing backhand indexnail polishathletic shoewomans sandalface with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyesprincesssmiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyessmiling face with haloastonished facegraduation capsmiling face with open mouthhigh-heeled shoetwo women holding handsspeaking head in silhouettenecktiewomans bootspouchfisted hand signhelmet with white crosseyeglassesgrimacing facewoman with bunny earskissbikiniraised handdark sunglassesperson with blond haircouple with hearttop hatcrying facethumbs down signjeansface throwing a kissface with stuck-out tonguepile of pooopen hands signhappy person raising one handwomans clothesbaby angelsmirking faceface with ok gestureperson bowing deeplysmiling face with hornsface with stuck-out tongue and winking eyemans shoecat face with wry smileface with cold sweatface with no good gesturegrinning face with smiling eyesskullmouthclosed umbrelladizzy faceimpwhite frowning faceraised hand with part between middle and ring fingerswomans hatraised fistpedestriankimonodisappointed but relieved faceolder womanpursekissing cat face with closed eyesbride with veilconfused faceconfounded faceextraterrestrial aliencat face with tears of joyloudly crying facenoseolder mansmiling face with open mouth and cold sweatweary faceface with open mouthjapanese goblintwo men holding handskissing face with closed eyesjapanese ogreearhaircutflushed faceface with look of triumphbusts in silhouettemanguardsmanperson with pouting facepolice officerpouting cat faceconstruction workerunamused facepersevering facetired faceweary cat facebust in silhouetteneutral facepouting faceslightly frowning faceman with turbanexpressionless facefearful faceman with gua pi maohushed facefrowning face with open mouthanguished facecrying cat faceperson frowningface without mouthdisappointed faceworried faceangry facepensive facesleepy faceface with open mouth and cold sweatkissing face with smiling eyeskissing face

Animals & Nature Emoji

Various animal & nature related emoji

white medium starfireseedlingcollision symbolsun with faceherbdeciduous treeglowing starsparklessplashing sweat symbolhigh voltage signdog facefour leaf cloverdroplethibiscusblack sun with raysshamrockdogdizzy symboltulipearth globe americassnowflakeevergreen treechristmas treepalm treeroseearth globe europe-africawater wavehoneybeetanabata treecherry blossomcat faceleaf fluttering in windsnowman without snowcloudear of ricesunflowercometbouquetblossomearth globe asia-australiahamster facepanda facecrescent moonspouting whalepaw printsfishrabbit facehatching chickmonkey faceelephantsnowmandash symbolfogturtlecatbear facemonkeycloud with tornadodolphinrabbitcloud with raincactuswind blowing facemaple leafbaby chicktropical fishcrocodilebirdoctopuskoalabugmushroomumbrellaspeak-no-evil monkeysnailfallen leafjack-o-lanterncloud with snowpenguinumbrella with rain dropssee-no-evil monkeydragon facenew moon symbolsun behind cloudfrog facewhite sun with small cloudsnakefront-facing baby chickoxnew moon with facewhite sun behind cloud with rainwolf facelady beetletigercow facecowhorsetiger facesheephear-no-evil monkeypoodlefull moon symbolfull moon with facethunder cloud and rainpig facedove of peacedragonfirst quarter moon with facewhaleratroosterspiderleopardwaxing gibbous moon symboldromedary camelchipmunkchestnutspider webwaning gibbous moon symbolmouse faceantbactrian camelhorse faceblowfishpine decorationwaxing crescent moon symbollast quarter moon with facemousewhite sun behind cloudpig nosechickencloud with lightningrampiglast quarter moon symbolboargoatfirst quarter moon symbolwater buffalospiral shellwaning crescent moon symbol

Food & Drink Emoji

Various food & drink related emoji

hot beveragefork and knifestrawberryfork and knife with platebottle with popping corkwine glasstropical drinklemonpot of foodtangerinecherriesbaby bottlered applegreen applebeer mugbirthday caketeacup without handlesake bottle and cuphot peppercookiegrapeschocolate barpineappleslice of pizzatomatococktail glassbreadcookingclinking beer mugsshortcakespaghettitacowatermelonpeachcooked ricecandycurry and ricehoney pothamburgerbento boxpeardoughnutcheese wedgepoultry leglollipopmeat on bonebananashaved icesteaming bowlaubergineear of maizehot dogfrench friespopcornsoft ice creamfish cake with swirl designice creamsushimelondangoodenrice crackerburritocustardroasted sweet potatorice ballfried shrimp

Activity & Sport Emoji

Various activity & sport related emoji

trophysports medalweight lifterrosettedirect hitartist palettebicyclistsoccer ballmilitary medalvideo gameamerican footballman in business suit levitatingmusical scorebasketball and hoopmountain bicyclistheadphoneflag in holeswimmerbathsurferperson with ballgolferbaseballmicrophonefishing pole and fishalien monsterguitarreminder ribbonperforming artsgame diesnowboarderrowboattable tennis paddle and ballskierbowlingcricket bat and balltennis racquet and ballhorse racingmusical keyboardslot machinebilliardsadmission ticketsice hockey stick and puckclapper boardbow and arrowski and ski bootvolleyballviolinrugby footballrunning shirt with sashcircus tentice skateticketbadminton racquetsaxophonetrumpetfield hockey stick and ball

Travel & Places Emoji

Various travel & place related emoji

rainbowairplanefireworksrocketshooting stardelivery truckairplane departureautomobilebeach with umbrellacampingtentsmall airplaneracing motorcyclefirework sparklertractorpolice cars revolving lightmountainsunrise over mountainsdesert islandrecreational vehiclechequered flagbicyclesunriseracing carhouse buildingstatue of libertyhouse with gardenoncoming automobileairplane arrivingdepartment storeanchorpolice carsnow capped mountainarticulated lorrymount fujimilky wayambulancefire engineminibusvertical traffic lightroller coasternational parkmotorwaynight with starsdeserttaxisailboatspeedboatcityscapepassenger shipbridge at nightsteam locomotivesatellitehorizontal traffic lighthouse buildingssilhouette of japanrailway trackschoolshiponcoming taxiferryferris wheeltokyo towerhospitalbushigh-speed trainhelicoptermotorboatbuilding constructionconstruction signvolcanohigh-speed train with bullet nosemetrostationchurchshinto shrinemountain railwayseatfuel pumpcarousel horsesunset over buildingsjapanese castlehotellove hoteltrainfactorymoon viewing ceremonyeuropean castlederelict house buildingmosquekaabaoncoming police caroncoming buscityscape at duskeuropean post officebankconvenience storeweddingsynagoguetram carjapanese post officeclassical buildingaerial tramwaytramoffice buildingmountain cablewaybus stopfoggyfountainstadiumtrolleybussuspension railwayrailway carmonoraillight rail

Objects & Media Emoji

Various media related emoji

wrapped presentelectric light bulbgem stoneparty popperpackagepushpinribbonstraight rulermoney baghammer and wrenchmobile phonebanknote with dollar signballoontriangular flag on postshieldpencilmoney with wingshammer and picktriangular rulerstopwatchbookshammerconfetti ballwrenchchart with upwards trendshowerpersonal computerclipboardround pushpinbookmarkshopping bagscamera with flashalarm clockgearmemomobile phone with rightwards arrow at leftopen bookelectric pluglabelbatteryright-pointing magnifying glassclosed booklower left paintbrushcamerablack scissorscrystal ballhocholeft-pointing magnifying glassbedelectric torchblue bookold keyenvelope with downwards arrow abovelocklower left ballpoint pentelephone receiverlower left crayonscalestelevisionenvelopemovie camerapillgreen bookorange booknotebookclosed lock with keytoiletworld maplove letterbar chartnotebook with decorative coverblack telephonesleeping accommodationpostboxwatchpistolbombthermometerpapercliplower left fountain pencredit cardwastebasketframe with pictureinbox traytear-off calendarskull and crossbonesmicroscopejapanese dollsledgerumbrella on grounde-mail symbolscrollvideo camerasyringelinked paperclipskeyboardfile folderdesktop computercandlecrossed swordsspiral calendar padlevel slidertimer clockchainsbathtubcard file boxprinterfilm projectorhourglass with flowing sandcalendartrackballdvdlink symbolincoming envelopefile cabinetopen file folderblack niboptical discalembicclosed mailbox with raised flagspiral note padcontrol knobsmantlepiece clockbanknote with euro signizakaya lanternstudio microphonesatellite antennakeycouch and lampbanknote with pound signpickbookmark tabsballot box with ballotthree button mouseprayer beadschart with downwards trendcard index dividerswaving white flaglock with ink penjoystickminidischourglassoil drumbarber polepagerfuneral urnbellhop bellclosed mailbox with lowered flagopen lockcompressionfilm framesdagger knifewind chimeoutbox traynewspaperwaving black flagfloppy disksmoking symbolamphoratelescopepage with curlpage facing uprolled-up newspaperfax machinebanknote with yen signnut and boltcoffindoormoyaicrossed flagsopen mailbox with raised flagpostal hornvideocassetteholecarp streameropen mailbox with lowered flagcard indexradio

Symbols Emoji

Various symbol emoji

white heavy check markheavy check markballot box with checkblack heart suithundred points symbolheavy black heartblack universal recycling symboltwo heartsheavy exclamation mark symbolblack rightwards arrowtop with upwards arrow abovewarning signheart with ribbongreen heartsparkling heartcross markdouble exclamation marksmall blue diamondbeating heartheart decorationblack right-pointing trianglepurple heartyellow heartblack small squaresquared freelarge blue diamondpublic address loudspeakersquared newblue heartlarge red circlerevolving heartslarge blue circlegrowing hearteight spoked asterisksquared coolhigh brightness symbolsmall orange diamondblack diamond suitheavy dollar signlarge orange diamondblack circle for recordeight pointed black staratom symbolno entry signmedium black circleblack question mark ornamentcycloneheavy plus signup-pointing red trianglespeaker with three sound wavesnegative squared cross markblack right-pointing double triangleinformation sourceheavy heart exclamation mark ornamentdownwards black arrowhot springsregistered signjapanese symbol for beginnerpeace symbollow brightness symbolyin yangno entryblack medium small squareheart with arrowtrade mark signsquared okblack medium squarecheering megaphoneheavy large circleright anger bubblemultiple musical notesheavy minus signradioactive signwhite flowerblack large squareanticlockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowswheel of dharmawhite exclamation mark ornamentexclamation question markblack left-pointing trianglemusical noteanger symbolleft right arrowsparkleradio buttonglobe with meridiansmedium white circlespeaker with one sound wavedown-pointing small red trianglefleur-de-lisblack right-pointing double triangle with vertical barclockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowsom symbolname badgerestroomwavy dashsoon with rightwards arrow abovedown-pointing red triangleblack spade suitclockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrowsblack square buttonbelldiamond shape with a dot insideupwards black arrowspeaker with cancellation strokeblack club suitspeech balloonstar and crescentstar of davidsix pointed star with middle dotwhite medium small squarewhite square buttonspeakerpart alternation marksquared up with exclamation markblack right-pointing double triangle with double vertical barleftwards black arrownorth east arrowwhite small squarevibration modewhite question mark ornamentantenna with barsdouble vertical baron with exclamation mark with left right arrow abothought balloonbiohazard signup down arrowrightwards arrow with hookarrow pointing rightwards then curving downwardsheavy multiplication xwhite large squareplaying card black jokerclock face two oclocksquared sosno smoking symbolinput symbol for numbersblack up-pointing double trianglewhite medium squareclock face three oclocknegative squared latin capital letter ono one under eighteen symboltrident emblemmens symbolblack square for stopblack down-pointing double trianglesouth east arrowtwisted rightwards arrowsup-pointing small red triangleinput symbol for latin capital letterscopyright signlatin crosswomens symbolcinemacurly loopclock face one oclockclock face four oclocknegative squared latin capital letter ababy symbolcurrency exchangeclock face ten oclockno mobile phoneswater closetpotable water symbolput litter in its place symbolblack left-pointing double trianglenorth west arrowback with leftwards arrow abovebroken heartscorpiuspiscessquared cjk unified ideograph-7981keycap tenmahjong tile red dragonflower playing cardsclock face nine oclockmenorah with nine branchesleosagittariusaquariuscircled ideograph secretcircled ideograph congratulationsquared cjk unified ideograph-6e80children crossingclockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrows with circled one overlayinput symbol for symbolsclock face five oclockclock face eleven oclockclock face one-thirtyophiuchusariescancervirgodouble curly loopcircled latin capital letter mautomated teller machinebaggage claimleft luggagewheelchair symbolnegative squared latin capital letter pblack left-pointing double triangle with vertical barsouth west arrowleftwards arrow with hookarrow pointing rightwards then curving upwardsinput symbol for latin lettersinput symbol for latin small lettersbell with cancellation strokeclock face eight oclockclock face twelve oclockplace of worshipgeminilibrasquared vsno pedestriansdo not litter symbolpassport controlcustomsend with leftwards arrow aboveclock face six oclockclock face seven oclockorthodox crosstaurussquared idsquared cjk unified ideograph-7a7asquared cjk unified ideograph-5272mobile phone offsquared cjk unified ideograph-6709squared cjk unified ideograph-7121squared cjk unified ideograph-7533squared cjk unified ideograph-55b6squared cjk unified ideograph-6708circled ideograph advantagesquared cjk unified ideograph-5408negative squared latin capital letter bnegative squared abnon-potable water symbolchart with upwards trend and yen signsquared katakana sasquared ngheavy division signclock face two-thirtyclock face five-thirtyclock face six-thirtyclock face seven-thirtyclock face eleven-thirtyclock face twelve-thirtycapricorncircled ideograph acceptsquared clno bicyclessquared cjk unified ideograph-6307squared katakana kokoclock face three-thirtyclock face four-thirtyclock face eight-thirtyclock face nine-thirtyclock face ten-thirty
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