Amazon Compatible Emojis

Emojis for Amazon Sellers. Click an emoji to copy it then paste in your listing titles, features, description or follow up emails!


Most copied

white heavy check markheavy check markwhite medium starballot box with checkwhite right pointing backhand indexblack heart suitwrapped presentthumbs up signheavy black heartfirecollision symbolsmiling face with heart-shaped eyeshundred points symbolsmiling face with sunglassesblack universal recycling symbolelectric light bulbsun with facetop with upwards arrow aboveflexed bicepspushpin

People & Faces Emoji

Various face & people related emoji

white right pointing backhand indexthumbs up signsmiling face with heart-shaped eyessmiling face with sunglassesflexed bicepsfather christmasok hand signwhite left pointing backhand indexbabysmiling face with smiling eyesslightly smiling facevictory handgrinning facefootprintswhite smiling facefamilyboykiss markface screaming in fearghostwhite down pointing backhand indexman and woman holding handsgirlsleeping symbolperson with folded handswaving hand signrunnereyecrownringraised hand with fingers splayedsleeping facedancerathletic shoerelieved facesmiling cat face with heart-shaped eyesperson with blond hairperson raising both hands in celebrationwriting handsmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyestwo women holding handst-shirtface with tears of joywhite up pointing indexwinking faceclapping hands signwoman with bunny earshigh-heeled shoepile of pooreversed hand with middle finger extendednail polishprincessjeanshandbagsmiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyesgrinning cat face with smiling eyescat face with wry smilesleuth or spyinformation desk personnecktiewomans bootsastonished facesmiling cat face with open moutheyeswomanbaby angeldressface with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyessmirking facecrying facespeaking head in silhouettemanbride with veilperson bowing deeplykisslipstickgraduation capschool satchelsmiling face with open mouthsmiling face with haloface throwing a kisswhite frowning faceraised handpolice officertop hatbriefcaseskullthumbs down signfisted hand signopen hands signface massagewomans sandalslightly frowning faceface with cold sweatkissing cat face with closed eyescouple with heartbikinimans shoehelmet with white crosseyeglassesloudly crying facedizzy facewhite up pointing backhand indexnosebusts in silhouetteguardsmanpedestrianhappy person raising one handdark sunglassesgrinning face with smiling eyeskissing face with closed eyesface with stuck-out tongue and winking eyeunamused facesleepy facemouthbust in silhouetteolder manolder womanface with ok gesturehaircutwomans clotheswomans hatclosed umbrellagrimacing facesmiling face with open mouth and cold sweatface savouring delicious foodneutral faceweary faceface with medical masksmiling face with hornsimptwo men holding handsface with no good gestureperson with pouting facepouchpurseflushed facedisappointed faceconfused facetired faceanguished facedisappointed but relieved facejapanese ogreextraterrestrial alienraised hand with part between middle and ring fingerstongueearman with gua pi maoconstruction workerkimonokissing faceface without mouthexpressionless faceworried faceangry facepouting faceconfounded faceface with look of triumphfearful faceface with open mouth and cold sweathushed facejapanese goblincat face with tears of joyweary cat facepouting cat faceman with turbanperson frowningkissing face with smiling eyesface with stuck-out tonguepensive facepersevering faceface with open mouthfrowning face with open mouthcrying cat faceraised fist

Animals & Nature Emoji

Various animal & nature related emoji

white medium starfirecollision symbolsun with faceseedlinghigh voltage signglowing stardog facedeciduous treedropletsplashing sweat symbolblack sun with raysearth globe americassnowflakesparklesdoghibiscusherbevergreen treesnowman without snowpalm treeroseearth globe europe-africadizzy symbolchristmas treeshamrocktulipwater wavetanabata treemonkey facehoneybeefour leaf cloversunflowerpanda faceturtlebouquetcometcloud with snowearth globe asia-australiacat faceear of ricecrescent moonhamster facecloud with rainkoalaoctopuscrocodilerabbitblossomdash symbolcloud with tornadomonkeybaby chickpaw printsspouting whalefoghatching chickwolf facetropical fishtigerpoodleleaf fluttering in windcherry blossomsnowmanspeak-no-evil monkeymaple leafnew moon with facemouse facebear facepig facefrog facedolphinoxthunder cloud and rainwind blowing facecow facebirdfishelephantcactusfull moon symbolnew moon symbolwhite sun behind cloud with rainumbrella with rain dropssee-no-evil monkeyhear-no-evil monkeyfront-facing baby chicksnailanthorseroosterwhite sun with small cloudcloudumbrellarabbit facechickenbugsnakecowwaning gibbous moon symbolfull moon with facefirst quarter moon with facecloud with lightningtiger facepenguinwhaleratcatchipmunkmushroomchestnutspider webwaxing gibbous moon symbollast quarter moon with facesun behind cloudlady beetlespiderdromedary camelrammousedove of peacedragondragon facejack-o-lanternwhite sun behind cloudboarblowfishleopardwater buffalobactrian camelpigpine decorationfallen leaflast quarter moon symbolpig nosehorse facegoatsheepspiral shellwaning crescent moon symbolwaxing crescent moon symbolfirst quarter moon symbol

Food & Drink Emoji

Various food & drink related emoji

wine glassfork and knifehot beveragefork and knife with platepot of foodcherriesgrapeslemonbeer mugbaby bottletropical drinktangerinetomatobottle with popping corkbananaslice of pizzabirthday cakecocktail glassstrawberryred applehot pepperteacup without handlepopcorncookingpoultry legmeat on bonechocolate barspaghetticookieshaved icecurry and ricebento boxpeachpineapplewatermelonauberginedoughnutlollipophot dogsoft ice creamgreen applehoney potclinking beer mugscheese wedgehamburgershortcakedangorice crackertacofrench friessteaming bowlpearmelonfish cake with swirl designsushiburritoear of maizeroasted sweet potatobreadfried shrimpcandyrice ballcooked ricesake bottle and cupodencustardice cream

Activity & Sport Emoji

Various activity & sport related emoji

trophyweight liftersoccer ballrosettebicyclistartist palettebasketball and hoopsports medaldirect hitman in business suit levitatingamerican footballsurfervideo gamemicrophonemilitary medalbaseballheadphonegolferperson with ballswimmermusical scoremountain bicyclistsnowboarderperforming artsrowboatguitarflag in holealien monsterskierfishing pole and fishviolinmusical keyboardtable tennis paddle and ballbathrunning shirt with sashbowlingreminder ribbontennis racquet and ballclapper boardski and ski boothorse racinggame diebow and arrowsaxophonerugby footballbilliardscircus tentice hockey stick and pucktrumpetcricket bat and balladmission ticketsticketfield hockey stick and ballice skatevolleyballbadminton racquetslot machine

Travel & Places Emoji

Various travel & place related emoji

airplanetractorrocketrainbowshooting starfireworksautomobiletentairplane departurerecreational vehiclecampingbeach with umbrellastatue of libertychequered flagbicyclefire engineminibussmall airplanehouse with gardenpolice cars revolving lightdesert islandtaxioncoming automobilemountainsunrise over mountainsracing cardelivery truckpolice carracing motorcycleairplane arrivingvertical traffic lightcityscapehouse buildingsnow capped mountainrailway trackdepartment storesatelliteanchorroller coastersunrisefirework sparkleroncoming taxitram carhigh-speed trainsteam locomotivepassenger shiphorizontal traffic lightshipvolcanonational parkmotorwaydesertsunset over buildingsambulancearticulated lorryoncoming police carmountain railwaymetrostationhelicopterspeedboatferryseatconstruction signcarousel horsesilhouette of japancityscape at duskmilky wayhouse buildingseuropean castlejapanese post officehospitalsynagoguebusoncoming busrailway carhigh-speed train with bullet nosetrainsailboatmotorboatfuel pumpbus stoptokyo towerfountainmount fujinight with starsbridge at nightstadiumderelict house buildingbankhotelconvenience storeschoollove hotelweddingchurchkaabashinto shrinetrolleybusaerial tramwaymountain cablewaysuspension railwaymonoraillight railtramferris wheelbuilding constructionfoggyfactorymoon viewing ceremonyjapanese castleoffice buildingeuropean post officeclassical buildingmosque

Objects & Media Emoji

Various media related emoji

wrapped presentelectric light bulbpushpinparty poppergem stoneribbonballoonmoney bagmoney with wingstriangular flag on postbanknote with dollar signshieldpencilstopwatchcamera with flashpackagestraight rulerhammer and wrenchtriangular rulerelectric plugshowerround pushpinshopping bagsconfetti ballcamerabatterybookmarkchart with upwards trendpersonal computerwrenchhammertoiletmemomobile phonescalesclipboardbookslower left ballpoint penlower left paintbrushelectric torchlabelbedlower left crayonmobile phone with rightwards arrow at leftsleeping accommodationgearskull and crossboneslocktelevisionalarm clockwastebaskethammer and pickhochotear-off calendarspiral calendar padmovie camerasatellite antennabanknote with euro signcredit cardchainspistolprayer beadskeyframe with pictureumbrella on groundpaperclipkeyboardfilm projectortelephone receivercandlebanknote with pound signbombcrystal ballalembicmicroscopebathtubold keypostboxcalendarclosed bookclosed lock with keyleft-pointing magnifying glassright-pointing magnifying glassvideo camerablack telephonemantlepiece clockhourglasscrossed swordspillthermometerjapanese dollsenvelopenotebookblue bookopen bookblack scissorswaving black flagopen lockblack nibwatchjoystickradiolevel slidertelescopebellhop bellworld mapcarp streamerwind chimeenvelope with downwards arrow abovee-mail symbolinbox traybar chartfile cabinetgreen bookorange booklower left fountain pendesktop computerprintercompressionoptical discdvdfilm framesfax machinetimer clocknut and boltfuneral urnamphorabarber poledoormoyaiizakaya lanternincoming envelopelove letterclosed mailbox with lowered flagclosed mailbox with raised flagopen mailbox with raised flagoutbox traycard file boxcard index dividersrolled-up newspapernewspapernotebook with decorative coverlink symbollinked paperclipswaving white flaglock with ink penthree button mousetrackballminidiscfloppy diskvideocassettepagerstudio microphonecontrol knobshourglass with flowing sandoil drumbanknote with yen signpickdagger knifesmoking symbolcoffinholesyringecouch and lampcrossed flagsopen mailbox with lowered flagpostal hornscrollpage with curlbookmark tabschart with downwards trendpage facing upcard indexballot box with ballotspiral note padfile folderopen file folderledger

Symbols Emoji

Various symbol emoji

white heavy check markheavy check markballot box with checkblack heart suitheavy black hearthundred points symbolblack universal recycling symboltop with upwards arrow abovetwo heartswarning signheart with ribbonheavy exclamation mark symbolblack rightwards arrowheart decorationblack right-pointing trianglesparkling heartsmall blue diamondbeating heartcross markgreen heartyellow heartsmall orange diamonddouble exclamation marklarge red circlerevolving heartsregistered signsquared freepublic address loudspeakergrowing hearthigh brightness symbolblue heartheavy plus signheavy dollar signlarge blue diamondspeaker with three sound wavesatom symboleight spoked asterisksquared newpurple heartpeace symbolno entry signlarge orange diamondblack small squareheavy large circleblack circle for recordblack left-pointing trianglejapanese symbol for beginnerinformation sourceup-pointing red triangleblack diamond suitheart with arrowblack question mark ornamentlow brightness symbolsquared coolblack spade suithot springsnegative squared cross marksquared okblack right-pointing double triangle with vertical barlarge blue circleblack large squarewheel of dharmayin yangeight pointed black starblack right-pointing double triangleleft right arrowanticlockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowsmultiple musical notesheavy minus signtrade mark signmedium black circlespeaker with cancellation strokeright anger bubbleradioactive signcycloneblack right-pointing double triangle with double vertical barsoon with rightwards arrow aboveradio buttonblack medium small squarespeakerblack club suitlatin crossname badgewhite exclamation mark ornamentglobe with meridianstwisted rightwards arrowsclockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrowsclockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowscheering megaphoneclock face three oclockheavy heart exclamation mark ornamentstar of davidvibration modewhite flowerno mobile phoneswhite question mark ornamentexclamation question markfleur-de-lisbaby symbolupwards black arrowrightwards arrow with hookwavy dashdown-pointing red triangleblack square buttonstar and crescentsix pointed star with middle dotsquared cjk unified ideograph-7981no entryanger symbolautomated teller machinebaggage claimpotable water symboldown-pointing small red triangleleftwards black arrowdownwards black arrowinput symbol for latin capital letterscopyright signback with leftwards arrow abovewhite small squareblack medium squarewhite medium squarewhite medium small squarespeaker with one sound wavebellplaying card black jokerthought balloonspeech balloonclock face four oclockclock face ten oclockbroken heartom symbolmenorah with nine branchesleobiohazard signcircled ideograph acceptcircled ideograph advantagecircled ideograph secretsquared cjk unified ideograph-6e80negative squared latin capital letter anegative squared latin capital letter bnegative squared latin capital letter osquared sosdo not litter symbolno one under eighteen symboltrident emblempart alternation markchildren crossingdiamond shape with a dot insidepassport controlcustomsleft luggagewheelchair symbolnegative squared latin capital letter pmens symbolrestroomput litter in its place symbolcinemaantenna with barsinput symbol for numbersblack square for stopup-pointing small red trianglenorth east arrowsouth east arrowarrow pointing rightwards then curving downwardsinput symbol for latin lettersinput symbol for symbolscurly loopcurrency exchangeon with exclamation mark with left right arrow abowhite large squarewhite square buttonflower playing cardsclock face one oclockclock face two oclockclock face nine oclockclock face eleven oclockclock face twelve oclockclock face one-thirtyclock face three-thirtyclock face five-thirtyclock face twelve-thirtyorthodox crossplace of worshipophiuchusariestaurusgeminicancervirgolibrascorpiussagittariuscapricornaquariuspiscessquared idsquared cjk unified ideograph-7a7asquared cjk unified ideograph-5272mobile phone offsquared cjk unified ideograph-6709squared cjk unified ideograph-7121squared cjk unified ideograph-7533squared cjk unified ideograph-55b6squared cjk unified ideograph-6708squared vscircled ideograph congratulationsquared cjk unified ideograph-5408negative squared absquared clno pedestriansno bicyclesnon-potable water symbolsquared cjk unified ideograph-6307chart with upwards trend and yen signsparkledouble curly loopcircled latin capital letter msquared katakana sano smoking symbolwater closetwomens symbolsquared katakana kokosquared ngsquared up with exclamation markkeycap tendouble vertical barblack left-pointing double triangle with vertical barblack left-pointing double triangleclockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrows with circled one overlayblack up-pointing double triangleblack down-pointing double trianglesouth west arrownorth west arrowup down arrowleftwards arrow with hookarrow pointing rightwards then curving upwardsinput symbol for latin small lettersmusical noteheavy division signheavy multiplication xend with leftwards arrow abovemedium white circlebell with cancellation strokemahjong tile red dragonclock face five oclockclock face six oclockclock face seven oclockclock face eight oclockclock face two-thirtyclock face four-thirtyclock face six-thirtyclock face seven-thirtyclock face eight-thirtyclock face nine-thirtyclock face ten-thirtyclock face eleven-thirty
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